Getting Into Dance

Dancing is a hugely popular career choice for many people across the UK. Just think of all the backing dancers you've seen at concerts, the dancers strutting their stuff on stage shows, and the ballroom dancers on the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing - they're all professionally trained dancers doing a job.

If you're hoping to carve out a career as a dancer or you just want to dance to keep fit in your spare time, then you'll find plenty of options for both in the UK. For those of you who dream of being a professional ballet dancer, ballroom dancer, or disco dancer, you will probably need to enrol in a dance school to learn all the right moves, however those who see it as just a hobby may prefer to attend a local dance class each week.

There are lots of dance schools to choose from in the UK, including full-time, part-time, summer and weekend schools, as well as the world renowned dance schools like the Central School of Ballet, the Royal Ballet School and the Sylvia Young School of Dance and Drama. So whether you want to send your child to a full-time dance school from an early age where they have regular schooling as well as dance lessons, or you want to go to university and study a Council for Dance Education and Training-accredited course, there's a dance school for you in the UK.

If you're not ready for full-time dance training then consider joining a weekend dance school, where you can learn all the moves and even perform in amateur, and perhaps professional, stage shows. There are so many different dance courses and training programmes to choose from that there is no right or wrong way to go about it - professional dancers will each have a very different story to tell you about how they made it, but they will all share one characteristic, determination.

Whichever dance course you choose, from primary to secondary school courses, and undergraduate to post-graduate courses, you will learn a great deal about the industry and will be taught the skills and knowledge necessary to carve out a career in dancing. Once you become a dancer you can expect a very busy life, going from one audition to another, travelling across the country or even the globe to perform, and of course the usual training sessions.

If you see dancing as a good choice of hobby or keep fit regime then why not join a local dance class. There are hundreds of classes across the UK covering everything from ballet and tap to salsa and disco, and you can find one near you by using our listings directory.

Finally, it is also important that you have the right equipment and dancewear so before you head to your next dance class, why not go shopping for specialist clothing, such as balletwear or a salsa dress, and the right shoes, whether they be ballet shoes, tap shoes or ballroom dance shoes.